Adorned Clay Rock Jewels

Handmade Artistic Designs

Gallery of previous designs(available soon)

Custom Orders

Custom orders are accepted, and may require a longer time to complete the request. From inception of the design, thru the processes of crafting and finishing each piece, you will visually appreciate the attention to detail, quality, and uniquenes.

Unique OOAK Designs 

Continue to check often, each design is unique and never duplicated. The ultimate appeal is to wear an artistic fashion statement that stands out and is a one of a kind wearable artform. Each piece is made using many different techniques, sanded and polished to a beautiful finish.  Unique designs inspired by nature, travel, and music. A walk on the beach, a visit to the orchard, a stroll thru the park, or a great night of live music. Many designs are embellished with a blend of mixed media.

African Violets


Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay

Beautifully created from the highest quality materials and meticulously crafted. From glam with bling and vibrant colors, to soft natural designs emulating nature.

Pay it Forward

Polymer clay canework designs were specifically created to raise money for 911 (Patriot pins, USA Flag and Eagle) and Katrina (Hearts of Love).

100% of the proceeds were donated to the American Red Cross.
Mermaids Golden Tail



Unique Designs

Each item is unique and handcrafted with an array of conceptual designs. Numerous handcrafted designs and tutorials have been published online and photographed in jewelry magazines. My jewelry designs were filmed at my residence for HGTV, which aired five times from November 2007 thru January 2008.

Van’s Beach Leland


Whitefish Point

Lake Huron 4 mile M25